Buck Vanguard Fixed Blade Knife

There are so many hunting knives on the market but few of them are as high quality as this one is. It is always important to use the proper knife when hunting or camping.A lesser quality knife could never provide the user experience that this one does. Everything from its sharpness to its design makes it the perfect hunting knife for beginner, intermediate and expert hunters.

Sharpen Ability

No hunting knife can be of any use unless it is able to remain sharp. To sharpen the blade of this knife is a quick and easy process that users will take in performing because they will know they are maintaining the most valuable hunting tool they have. A dull knife is of no use to a hunter and that is why the Vanguard is so good at retaining its sharpness, making it one of the most effective hunting knives money can buy.


The sharpness of any hunting knife is always an important part of the experience of using it. The Vanguard Fixed Blade Knife is as sharp as can be and can serve any of the typical cutting needs a hunter or camper would have. Its quality material means that it retains its sharpness for long periods of time even with normal to heavy use and wear and tear. The blade of this knife is made of stainless steel and is 4-1/8” drop point, making it a hunting knife that one can’t go wrong by owning.

Tip Durability

With a stainless steel blade the tip of the Vanguard hunting knife is always ready to perform its job to the best of its ability. Users will find that the tip of this knife is extremely sharp and extremely strong, making it very convenient for any hunter. It can be kept in top notch condition as easily as the rest of the knife can. The durability of the tip of this hunting knife is one of its major selling points.

Edge Retention

The edge retention of this hunting knife is simply amazing. The length of the blade makes it conducive to cutting up meat that a hunter has caught. The blade itself is made to be sturdy and to cut through virtually any wild animal one can hunt. While other hunting knives can and do become dull quickly that is not the case with the Vanguard Fixed Blade Knife. Its edge retains its sharpness through thick and thin and will impress even the heaviest users. Even after years of use this hunting knife will still be as valuable to a hunter as the day they purchase it and they will even wonder how they ever went hunting without it.


The design of the Vanguard hunting knife is made to make it as comfortable as possible. Its wood grain handles, finger guard and an end polished in brass allows hunters to hold it for extended periods of time without becoming uncomfortable. It is designed to be as safe as possible for users. The design is easy on the eyes and pleasing to look at. It gives the knife a sophisticated feel that serious hunters greatly appreciate. Its unique design helps it stand out from other hunting knives of similar or slightly lesser quality.

Ease of Use

All of the aspects of this hunting knife come together, to make it easy to use. Its fitted brown leather sheaf allows users to carry it on themselves comfortably so that they have easy access to it but it is out of their way when they have it on them and are not actively using it. The knife box it comes with also provides its users with a safe place to store it when they do not need it.  This hunting knife is so easy to use that it can help anyone become a better hunter and will always enhance the experience of any savvy camper, regardless of their age.

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