Top Brands Famous For Producing The Best Hunting Knives

When you are going to buy a knife, you do not want to settle for an inferior quality knife which is not going to last long. So, which brand should you consider buying from? There is no single answer to that, so we have made a list of brands, in no rank, which you should certainly look into. Below is a list of five well known knife manufacturers that have been in the business since a long time. These are the best hunting knife brands in the world.


The oldest manufacturer of knives on this list, Case has been in the business since the late 1800s. They sell premium quality knives, many of which have chromium vanadium steel, which make the steel more hardened and prevents corrosion, abrasion and rusting of the steel.

There are several other well known names that have been around in the business since a long time, including Schrade and even Smith & Wesson. So check out the products of these brands by going to their website and look into Amazon user reviews to help you determine the brand you wish to go with.


Gerber started out in the year 1939 producing handmade cutlery. By just the 1960s, Gerber had become one of the most well known knife manufacturers. They are known for their high quality and even innovative knives. As far as quality and longevity is concerned, Gerber is right up there with other well known names in the business. Gerber offers 25 years’ warranty on their knives and guarantees to the consumer that their knives will be free of defects in material and workmanship for the designated warranty timeframe. On their website, you can even visit the maintenance section where frequently asked questions about knife maintenance are answered by Gerber.


Buck is one of the famous manufacturers of knives which has been in the business since a long time(over a hundred years now). Selling some of the finest knives that are heat-treated and tampered blade knives made to last, Buck is one of the most renowned manufacturers of knives. Buck also provides lifetime 4-ever Warranty on with its knives. A Buck knife is built to last. You can go over to the Buck website where we see that the product listing has been simplified for easy navigation. Not only can you select the kind of knife you want, but also the length of the blade as well as the price range within which you’d like to see knives. This is excellent because several other well known knife manufacturers out there do not have this on their sites.


Cold Steel: 

Cold Steel is a Ventura, California based manufacturer of knives, swords, machetes and other tools. Many of their products use VG-1 stainless steel, which has a good resistance to abrasion and corrosion. Almost all of their knives are very highly rated and some of them are best-selling on Amazon. They even provide the DVDs demonstrating their products, which isn’t something you’d see other manufacturers do. On their website, they have many knives which are categorized properly where you can choose which ones you wish to view.


Kershaw is one of the finest brands of knives that you should consider when you want to buy a knife. Kershaw knives are high quality even when it comes to their entry-level products. Kershaw introduced knives with interchangeable blades. They’re also known for using what they call the Composite Blade technology, wherein the knife is made up of two different types of steels. So you have a steel capable of edge retention for the blade and a steel of good strength for the spine of the knife. Kershaw provides limited lifetime warranty on its products. They will also sharpen your knife for free when you send it to them for warranty service.

Finding the best hunting knife is highly dependand upon your needs.

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